Add ambiance through fragrance

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Colour your home with fragrance

Using fragrances you can create your own ambiance and make your home a place where you can simply be yourself. Fragrances are the easiest way of giving your interior a makeover: by lighting a scented candle or using a reed diffuser you change the "colour" of your home.

A new fragrance range

Bolsius Aromatic is the name of a new fragrance range from Bolsius. Our wide range of products with pure, natural scents provides your home with a wonderful fragrance and ambience. Our collection includes tealights, scented glasses, rustic candles and votives. New reed diffusers are  also available, for a pleasant fragrance in your home at any time of the day. All of our scented candles are made of natural waxes and are of the quality you have come to expect from Bolsius.

Fragrance throughout the house

It's easy to add ambiance to any room by using fragrances. Our range includes handy tealights and scented glasses that can be used anywhere, and also hefty rustic candles and small scented candles for adding fragrance and colour accents. Want to continue enjoying your favourite fragrance? Then use a stylish reed diffuser. Whichever option you choose, you will be able to enjoy pure, true-to-nature fragrances for hours at a time.

The right fragrance for your occasion

Thanks to the extensive range offered by Bolsius Aromatic, you will always be able to select the right fragrance for your occasion - whether it's the fragrance of just-baked cookies as a warm welcome to a coffee morning with friends, or the tempting note of sandalwood for a romantic evening in together. Changing the ambiance has never been so easy.

Bring nature into your home

Allow yourself to be enticed and swept away by nature's fragrances.  Lavender fields in full bloom, a rose garden at dawn - a pure fragrance experience which is just as intense as that of "real" scents! 

A wonderful fragrance, and a bright flame

Through the steady diffusion of the scents from Bolsius Aromatic products, rooms keep smelling wonderful. Whether you opt for a tealight, a scented glass or a diffuser, the same familiar aroma is diffused. The scented candle flames burn brightly and steadily, resulting in an attractive combination of colour and fragrance. 

Quality candles

The "Quality Mark Candles" standard allows you to distinguish candles of high quality. This quality mark is exclusively awarded to eco-friendly products, those which have no harmful effects on your health, or those which burn without dripping or producing smoke. All Bolsius Aromatic candles are certified with the RAL 'Quality Mark Candles' standard.

Enjoy Bolsius Aromatic scented candles at home, with the fragrance to suit you.

Bolsius - fragrance your home.